Therefore And pedestrians will demand regular and systematic repetition.

Therefore understanding of unique speed of training, that is, the individual mode in what the child finds new skills, very much it is important to give to the child on the basis of love support which is necessary for him, and he could correct behavior which causes trouble it roditeklyam, to him and people around.

This concept of repetition becomes more clear when we study, for example, some sport' For example to score a goal, two hundred attempts can be necessary.

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Therefore Therefore the best that can make the daughter to cease to blame itself: Again they quarreled because of me, etc.

Also the adult cannot take out all these quarrels, nightmares, and it can be seen in the movie Whale and Octopus.

Therefore there will be actual an expression: Rescue of the utopayukshchy work of the most drowning.

As already there was a speech, the child is younger, the more difficult for him to inspire in itself that he is not guilty of it.

Therefore because of a bespomoshchknost to reconcile parents children can feel the guilty.

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BkhagavadGite The main condition was that all citizens in this state were occupied according to the nature.

BkhagavadGite we find such verse where it is told in one of the main Vedic treatises: It is better to carry out imperfectly the duties, than even in the most brilliant way to carry out strangers, because performance of others duties dangerously.

Therefore For parents it is important to understand the nature of the close people, members of the family to make them happy, harmoniously interacting with them.

This is not about the deep analysis of a horoscope of each of them, and that women have to be occupied according to the Vienna nature, and men on the basis of the °byazannost to create for them certain conditions.

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Fortunately, many

Fortunately, many Instead we should make some changes and grow up.

The essence of this growing is simple: it is necessary to live with smaller material inquiries to find richness of other plan: love, communication, communications and time.

Fortunately, many young parents began to understand it.

They want to lead more balanced life unlike the exhausted and nervous parents.

Actually, we, the senior generation, rendered them fine service, having shown as it is not necessary to live to live well!

But be quiet, changes in the world come people want to raise the children, but not to provide it to another.

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RULES OF STATEMENT In their house conditions it is possible to replace with various subjects.

RULES OF STATEMENT The child says basic in relation to formed a sound.

You by means of your tool gradually move it language in a mouth, will not be heard the necessary sound yet.

Previously warn the child that he did not disturb you to move its language.

Warn him also that proiz carrying a sound from it will change.

Offer it together to look, what sound as a result will turn out.

Some children badly transfer when to them climb in a mouth, sometimes even to emergence of an emetic reflex.

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